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Sailing on Windermere


Open Events

South Windermere Open Events 2013

Please find details below of our open events for 2013. Sailing instructions and Notices of race will be published at least 4 weeks prior to the event. For any additional information on open events, please contact our sailing secretary, Mike Deane.




The Waterhead Race.

Sunday June 9th 2013

Our biggest and best open event, the Waterhead race is the only chance each year to race over the whole of Windermere. The lake is over 10 miles ling, and the time limit for the race is seven hours. The race is great fun, and a great chance to carve a notch on your tiller if you’ve not done the distance before. The race starts at 11:00, and competitors should be rigged and ready to sail from our clubhouse before 10:30, to ensure they make the start line.

Because of the length of this race, we do restrict entries to dinghies and keel boats with a handicap below 1180. Multihulls may join at the discretion of the sailing committee.


Notice of Waterhead Race

Sailing Instructions

Visitor Entry Form and Insurance Indemnity



The Terra Northern.

Saturday July 13th, 2013

A big day in the junior calendar, the Terra Northern is an open event for Terra and Terra Sport dinghies. The first race will not be before 11:00, the number of races will depend on the weather, and will of the competitors. Expect some very serious and close racing, from the stars of future Olympic games.....

Racing will of course be followed by prize giving and a social event.


The K1 Northern.

Saturday July 20th 2013.

2013 will see the return to the lakes for the K1 fleet, the fastest growing small keel boat fleet. The K1 is a fast singlehanded keel boat, just into it’s fourth year of racing. There will be 3 races around SWSC’s fixed marks, the first race will not be before 11:00. Racing will be followed by prize giving, and a social event for the sailors, and race officials.

K1 sailors who stay overnight will be welcomed as guests of SWSC to compete in SWSC club racing, with our handicap fleet for three races on Sunday 21st. Anyone considering purchasing a K1 may be able to arrange a trial sail over the weekend. Contact for this is through


The BelleIsland Race.

Sunday August 25th 2013

A wonderful late summer event, taking in half the length of Windermere, the race is a great favourite. Although not as physically challenging as the Waterhead, this is still considered a long distance race, with a 5 hour time limit. The race will start at 11:00, and competitors should be rigged and ready to sail before 10:30 to be sure of making the start line.......

The BelleIsland race is followed by prize giving and a social.


The Frostbite.

Sunday October 13th - Sunday December 1st 2013.

In recent year, the Frostbite has not lived up to it’s name, and has given us the most tremendous racing through the lake in all it’s autumn glory. But there is no guarantee that the ice wont be broken in 2013........

In view of the lateness of the season, there is just one race each Sunday, starting at 13:00. Visitors are able to leave their dinghies in our dinghy park for the duration of the series. Mulled wine, mince pies and prizes on Sunday 1st of December – how better to get the Christmas spirit?