Buying travel luggage is a tricky affair. You need to make sure that you buy durable and functional luggage. Buying high quality luggage can help you to save money because you will use it for a long time. if you are always on the move, invest in buying luggage that will give you value for money.

We have different types of luggage depending on the type of trip. Other factors that influence luggage style involve your personal style. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to buying travel luggage:

Type of Material

travelWhen buying travel luggage, it is important to consider the material. You can choose leather, rubber, polyester and other materials. The type of material that you choose does not really matter. The trick is to know how to buy the best quality.

If you decide to choose leather luggage, make sure that you choose high quality leather. The same applies for other materials such as faux leather and even rubber. Choosing good quality material will guarantee you quality of the luggage that you want to buy.

Soft Shell or Hard Shell

You can decide to choose between soft shell or hard-shell material. A hard-shell luggage is made from hard material and it can take all the impact during your trip.

However, a hard-shell material can be difficult to store since you cannot squeeze it into a small space. A soft-shell material is ideal for tight spaces but it might not offer protection to your items.


Choosing the right luggage colour is also important. You need to choose the right color of luggage for your trip. Black is the universal color for luggage. However, it is not the right choose for international travel.

During your trip, you will realise that everyone has a black suitcase. It will be difficult to spot your bag since all the bags come in a black color. choosing a unique color will make it easy to identify the right bag from a lot of bags.

travel luggage


It is also advisable to choose the right style for your travel luggage. You need to choose a style depending on your trip. If you are going on a solo backpacking trip, you need to buy a backpack because it is easy to carry. Suitcases are the best for international travel and duffel bags are the best for yacht trips.