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The Darkest Destinations in the United States That Will Give You the Best Stargazing Experience


There’s nothing quite like lying back and looking up at the stars. There is some sort of magic that the stars and other celestial bodies evoke when looked at from afar. Unfortunately, most of us have to contend with light pollution in our cities, making it harder and harder to really see the stars in all their glory. If you want an incredible stargazing experience, you should consider visiting one or some darkest places across the United States, which we put together in this destination list. These places will surely give you the best stargazing experience. So, let’s get the list started.

Redwood National and State Parks, CA

The Redwood National and State Parks in California is the perfect getaway for stargazers. With most parks being located far away from major cities and urban areas, light pollution is rarely a problem. The skies here are some of the darkest you’ll find in the US, which makes it great for observing stars and other celestial bodies. In addition to the dark skies, the national and state parks also offer incredible views of the redwood forests and coastal cliffs, which makes it an ideal spot for camping and stargazing.

Great Basin National Park, NV

milky wayNothing can compare to the dark skies of Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Not only is the park one of the darkest places in the US, but it also offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and starlit lakes. This national park is perfect for stargazers and those looking for a tranquil escape from city life. The incredible dark skies make it ideal for astrophotography and other stargazing activities. No wonder Great Basin National Park has become the go-to destination for stargazers throughout the country.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Are you a fan of camping and stargazing? Then you should definitely consider visiting the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. This incredible national park offers some of the darkest skies in the US, making it perfect for stargazing and astrophotography. The canyon also provides stunning views at all times of day, so you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets before settling down to watch the stars come out.

Capulin Volcano National Monument Park, NM

tentThere is no better destination for stargazing than Capulin Volcano National Monument Park in New Mexico. This park is one of the darkest places in the US and offers some of the most striking views of star-studded skies and beautiful desert landscapes. This national monument park is an excellent place to camp and watch the night sky without any light pollution.

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil escape or an incredible stargazing experience, these destinations should be on your list. From the redwood forests of California to the snow-capped mountains of Nevada, each destination offers something unique and special that makes it perfect for stargazing. So, plan your trip and get ready to experience the wonders of the night sky.…